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Parent Leader in Me Survey

Hi Parents!

We would love your thoughts on how the Leader in Me is going at Seaview.  Please take a few moments and take this short survey.  Thank you!


Leader In Me Survey- STUDENTS

Hi students!

Please click on the link below to complete the student Leader in Me survey!

How to Create Book Trailers


Have you ever finished a book and wanted to tell the world about how awesome it is?  Or, have you wanted to read a book but not sure if it is for you?  A great way to share your thoughts or to learn about new books is something called a book trailer.  Book trailers are fun creative ways to “sell” a book to friends, classmates, or people from the other side of the world.  Check out these links that tell you what they are, some examples of some, and what you need to do to create one!  Share your book trailers with me- I might just use it in class.  🙂

Slime Kids Book Trailers

A teacher created website that has book Trailers listed in alpha order

Book Trailers for Readers

Student made book trailers.  You can search by award winners, blockbusters (popular books), and “popcorn worthy” which are past award winners.  A great site that shows student created book trailers.  

Examples & How to Create your own

A great school district hosted site that shows examples on book trailers as well as tools that you can use to create your own book trailers.

Digital Citienship


I am in class this summer learning about digital citizenship.  It is so interesting learning about digital footprints and how kids need to be aware and present about their online wanderings.  I found some great sites that help teach digital citizenship.  Check them out below!

Internet Society

I great quick intro to Digital Footprints and what they are.  There is a short video that explains why we need to care about our Digital Footprints. This site is maintained by “Internet Society” that is a global group of members who feel that the internet needs to be transparent and empowers people to be the best on the internet.


A London based site that is created in conjunction with Department for Children, Schools and Families, Digizens is a great site that has information about copyright rules, how to prevent plagiarism, what are our digital values, and how to come up with perfect passwords.  


A rap video that talks to kids about the value of not oversharing.  Fun and interactive.  This site is a wealth of information about all sorts of topics, created by Alex Rappaport, a Brooklyn based site that creates videos for K-12.

PBS kids

A fun game created by PBS that everyone becomes a webonaut and has to make it through the game and learn about internet safety along the way!

The Leader in Me



We at Seaview are a “Leader in Me” school.  We are very proud of this status and are excited to share our excitement with you.  We have started a “book tree” that is going around the Seaview parent community.  If you can find a copy of the Leader in Me book (2nd Edition) please feel free to wander over to our Leadership Blog- and join in on our conversation about some of the chapters.  We didn’t want to make it very overwhelming and have you read the whole book, so we focused in on a couple key chapters that are applicable to parents and our community.  Our focus is on Chapters 2, 6, 7 & 10.  Head over to our blog and check out our chapter questions.


Edmonds beachGreetings from Edmonds!  This is my first post as the librarian of Seaview Elementary!  I have high hopes for this site.  I hope to share many cool ideas with our community and I hope that we can use this space for sharing, collaborating, and fun!  Stay tuned for upcoming events and cool happenings at the Library & at Seaview!

I am currently in my first class for my endorsement in School Library Media.  So many cool ideas and concepts that I am learning that I can’t wait to share with you!  Stay tuned!!!!

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